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Choosing the Right Colors for an Arts and Crafts Bathroom

Published By: Riley Beltran  -  Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Oak Bathroom SinkWhen you consider Arts and Crafts home design, you typically aren't thinking about the bathroom, and this can make it a bit difficult for you to conceptualize one. Just as it is with any room, beginning with a color palette is a great way for you to get an idea on how you should design and decorate the room. With an Arts and Crafts bathroom, you can really set the stage for the finished look by choosing the right colors.

Traditional Arts and Crafts colors are actually great for use in many bathroom designs, as their natural, soothing hues can help to promote an aura of relaxation, comfort, and cleanliness. The following are some great shades that can easily be used to build an authentic Arts and Crafts color palette.

Fern green is a beautiful color that you will often see used as an accent in other Craftsman-inspired rooms. It is a rich, soothing and romantic color in a bathroom, which makes it perfect for a luxurious master bathroom or a guest bathroom.

The shade fern tends to be a medium, muted green with gray undertones, though it can vary a bit. When accented with other green colors, such as pale willow or dark forest, it works beautifully and this makes it lovely as a monochrome wallpaper option.Choose other soothing, forest-inspired hues, like redwood, pale tan, or soft gold, in order to build a palette around fern.

This stone-inspired color is great for a spa-influenced room, and the best part is that it can be used as a color and in luxury features such as stone-tiled floors or showers. Slate is a beautiful pale to medium gray, and as a strong neutral it works both as a central color to a palette, or as an accent in a more vivid color scheme.

Pair slate as a central tone with bone and pale gold woods for an ideal Arts and Crafts bathroom. This can help to lighten up the palette to keep the room looking welcoming, while also keeping the strength and depth of the central shade.

Goldenrod is a beautiful shade from traditional Arts and Crafts color palettes that is great for a sunny, cheerful bathroom. This is a warm and rich-toned golden yellow that is inviting but isn't overbearing, and it's great for use in a larger bathroom that feels too cold or airy, or in a child's bathroom.

You can use goldenrod beautifully as a central shade as long as you are careful with the rest of the palette. It's a shade that can quickly become too overwhelming if it is mixed with too many other bright shades, especially in small space. For something really beautiful you can match goldenrod with a paler, soft yellow, add a very pale ivory, and accent with soft rose or blue shades. This will help to keep the palette dynamic and to balance the strong shade.

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