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Log Cabin Table Settings

Published By: Riley Beltran  -  Thursday, September 3, 2015

Arts & Crafts Dining TableLog cabins tend to embrace the rustic, but isn't any reason that they can't be the setting for spectacular meals. Whether you're hosting a holiday at your cozy abode, staging a romantic meal for your partner, or throwing a fabulous retreat supper for your coworkers, beautiful log cabin table setting can make all the difference.

The nature of the event will determine the right way to create a table setting that suits the log cabin atmosphere. If you want to break down the stylistic decisions needed for you to craft a setting that will really work for your plans, you need to understand the basic components of table setting. Here you'll find some basics of log cabin table setting to take into consideration.

You may just want to skip on the table cloth all together if you're embracing the rusticism of your log cabin setting and have a beautiful wood table. Clean the table, polish it, set out some beautiful cloth napkins, and allow the wood's natural splendor to set the rest of the base for your elegant meal.

However, table cloths can be a great option if you have a table that's a little worse for wear or more casual than the event you're hosting. Keep with the casual look of cabins with a plain linen or cotton cloth in a neutral shade in order to create a great all purpose base. For an extra layer of elegance, dress it up further with a table runner featuring a floral or woodland motif.

Depending on the event, the dishes for your log cabin table will differ. A homey evening with a rustic theme, means you should opt for handmade ceramics; the beautiful craftsmanship will elevate the dishware's looks without it seeming out of place.

Consider using traditional china with a floral pattern if you want a more elegant setting. The contrast against the rustic background will give you a feeling that is striking and ethereal, almost as through you have stumbled across a fairy's picnic in a woodland setting. The floral motif aids in tying together the elegant china to the natural surroundings. You can't go wrong with floral china if you're having a log cabin high tea, Easter meal, or Mother's Day brunch.

At any dining table, a centerpiece can serve to create a central image that sets the tone of the entire event. At a log cabin dining table, it works perfectly for bringing some of your natural surroundings inside. Your centerpiece don't need to be ostentatious, but it's a wonderful way to show off the setting of your cabin.

You can also get creative with a log cabin centerpiece on top of your simple vase filled with wildflowers or other local plants. Opt for a base made of wood, and arranging mosses and candles on top in order to create a unique candle garden. You could also fill mason jars using local plants and ground cover for a terrarium that you can use over and over again. Dried flowers from the region, arranged in a placed in a vase or wreath, can be great option as well.

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